Saturday, 27 July 2013


We love Abersoch.
It's just such a great pace to get away from it all and have some proper holiday time! We stay in Scotts' families caravan, near a little beach called Porth Ceiriad which has a lovely sandy beach thats quieter than the Abersoch beach!
They have these wonderfully coloured beach houses and sheds.

Scotts had to wear his glasses a lot recently as his eyes have been so sore from all the pollen, he gets bad hey fever and it irritates his eyes. 

 I am a terrible hoarder and like to keep and collect EVERYTHING. I found this little fishing weight and fish shaped fishing bait thing (not too sure what they're called?!) on the beach and so now that too has come home with us, much to Scott dismay :)
 The ice tea from Lidl is really good, especially with a few slices of lime.

I love the colour of this little boat on the harbour. And the bright orange painting on the railings in Pwllheli (below).

We had a little go at the self-timer... The lighting was terrible as it was about to rain so it didn't work like i'd hoped, but we'll give it another go soon!

 I love my vintage satchel form Leicesters vintage market!! It has gone everywhere with me recently.

 I like Coffee shops. The problem is, I don't like coffee. Starbucks is by far superior in the drinks department, though costa in my opinion wins based on cakes. Starbucks cakes are horrifically artificial and dry, yet Costa have an interesting selection of giant teacakes, tiffin, linzer biscuits and giant bourbon biscuits. The drinks I find are really sickly and synthetic though, I recently had the strawberry lemonade which was way too sweet, and for me to say that it must be bad! We tried a raspberry and orange ice drink which was better than the lemonade, but still a little too sweet! Starbucks cool lime refresher, frappacinos etc are really tasty and can generally be tailored to your tastes which I like. I do find myself walking into Costa to get a cake, and then back to Starbucks for my drink and to sit down (and awkwardly try to eat my costa cake).
 My favourite cake in Costa is the tiffin! It's a yummy mixture of crushed biscuits, melted milk chocolate and raisins.
 Scott really likes the jammy linzer biscuits! I love how the jam oozes from the biscuits. These are my second favourite ;) so we shared a little of both :)

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