Monday, 29 July 2013

Elderflower and blackcurrent Pimms

I've recently tried the new Pimm's flavour 'blackberry and elderflower'. I must say, I really wasn't impressed. I'm not the biggest alcohol drinker out there, but I do like a Pimms in the summer! This Pimm's however was very artificial tasting, and didn't remotely taste like the fruit on the label! The colour is magnificent though, a rich purply pink thats look even better when diluted with a little lemonade. We had ours served with fresh lemon slices and strawberries, and a lot of ice too!

The best part of the evening was the yummy scones from The 'Sugarplum Tearoom'. We had some samples to try (oh it's wonderful living next to a tearoom) so we had them with blackcurrrent jam, salted welsh butter and clotted cream. AMAZING!
I love how fresh and pretty the fruit and ice look in the jug.
My grandparents joined us outside to try the scones. It's always more entertaining when my Grandad's at the table. They both enjoyed the scones and they are a tough crowd to please!

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