Saturday, 27 July 2013

Growing Radishes

I started gardening a few years ago now, just a few new experiments here and there, and as you can guess, I mainly grew food! I think flowers are beautiful and all, but theres just something more rewarding about growing vegetables from scratch, harvesting them and of course eating them!
This year Scott and I have made two new vegetable plots (I will post about these soon) where we have  grown radishes, mange tout, carrots, beetroot, salad, courgettes and strawberries. 
I am particularly pleased with the radishes as they grew very quickly and were a gorgeous rich red colour with a sweet and peppery taste.  Another success was the salad, by far the easiest crop we have grown. Once you've picked the salad it quickly regrows meaning you have fresh salad all summer long! Which has been perfect to accompany all the BBQ'S we've been having in this glorious weather.
Here are the raddishes with their leaves and roots before we prepared them. We found the raddishes rarely made it into a salad as everyone kept popping them into their mouths as soon as they were picked as they were so tasty! I imagine they would be great with a chunk of cheese and some bread, but we chopped them up along with the salad we grew and some crumbled feta for a quick and easy salad.
 If you are a starting gardener i'd highly recommend trying out radishes as all our seeds germinated and and carried on growing with little effort until they were ready to eat! All we did was water them and watch as they grew :)

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