Monday, 29 July 2013

Grilled breakfast banana's with honey

Heres a yummy and healthy breakfast recipe which I found in one of my favourite cook books -
'Miss Sophie Dahls Voluptuous Delights'
Sophie Dahl wrote a wonderful cook book and presented a cooking programme a few years back. I loved her styling of the food and the stories behind each recipe! I just wished there were a few more photographs in the book, as obviously food is so visual and we all like to see the end result! This is an incredibly simple recipe with only two ingredients!

1 Ripe banana
2 teaspoons honey

Peel your banana and slice it in half lengthways. I lined my grill with aluminium foil to prevent the honey dripping. Place the bananas on the foil and drizzle a teaspoon of honey on each side of the banana.
Grill on high for 5 or so minutes, or until the honey has caramelised and the bananas are soft and gooey.
I served mine with apricot and passionfruit yoghurt (Lidl again...) and some chopped nectarines as they were going soft and needed eating up! But they went really well with the dish!

  Breakfast is one of my favourite meals. I love bacon, eggs, toast, fruit , everything but cereal! I don't know what it is about cereal but it just does nothing for me! So I love when I find a new and easy breakfast recipe, and this was a real treat!

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